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Tabs in Google Chrome will now load 10% faster

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

26th Aug, 2020. 12:06 am
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Tabs in Google Chrome will now load 10% faster

Google has improved the performance of tabs in its most popular web browser, Chrome, so that they can now load 10% faster.

Google said in a blog that sometimes taking a few seconds to load a tab during a task slows you down.

According to the blog, Active Tabs will now use resources that will be taken from tabs that have not been used for some time to speed up pages loading in Chrome.

The blog further stated that this change not only improved the loading speed but also reduced the load on the laptop battery and memory.

This feature has been dubbed tab grouping which was announced by Google in May this year and now it has been introduced to all users.

This feature will allow users to expand tabs as a group, making it easier to see what the user wants to access.

The company says that this is the feature that people were demanding.

Google Chrome Main Tab Previews are also being added, which is currently in beta.

This feature allows you to see what’s on this page by placing the mouse cursor over a tab without opening it.

Similarly, PDF support will be even more powerful now, and in the next few weeks users will be able to fill out PDF forms and save them directly to Chrome, so they can open the file and start from where they left off when needed.

An interesting addition to other features would be in the form of URL suggestions, ie if you have opened a website and are about to reopen it by mistake, the browser will advise you to switch to an open tab.

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