A unique dress that changes its texture by reading your mind

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

09th Sep, 2020. 08:18 pm
A unique dress that changes its texture by reading your mind

Imagine that your mental state is reflected in the clothes you are wearing.

That is, what you are thinking is reflected in what you are wearing. The idea has been put into practice by designer Anouk Wipprecht in collaboration with the Institute for Integrated Circuits and G-Tech Medical Engineering.

This dress will shine according to your brain waves as if you are feeling calm, then the light of the dress will be dim and soothing purple.

When under stress, the lights will start to brighten up, while a motor in the fabric will move.

This is a 3D printed robotic dress called the Pangolin Dress, which also requires a brain-computer interface to be worn on the head, with 1204 tiny electroencephalography sensors installed.

This brain interface looks like a science fiction movie device that transmits the effects of brain waves to clothing, causing the clothing to glow as it moves up and down, depending on the wearer’s state of mind.

The designer described the dress as a unique way to reflect mental complications that has previously led to the development of a robotic dress, which had sensors that would protect any wearer from approaching.

The pangolin dress will soon be on display during a ramp walk at the Arts, Technology and Society Festival in Austria.

The dress is made of lightweight, durable nylon material with sensors and wires hidden in layers.

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