Airbus Flashes New Passenger Planes With Zero Toxic Gases Emission

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

22nd Sep, 2020. 12:30 am
Airbus Flashes New Passenger Planes With Zero Toxic Gases Emission

European multinational aerospace corporation Airbus has introduced three new passenger planes with zero toxic gases emission that will be able to fly with the help of hydrogen.

The company claims that these unique planes will be seen flying in the skies by 2035.

The new design of the aircraft has been dubbed the Zero E-Line, which includes a turbo phone and a gas-turbine engine that runs on hydrogen and can carry 200 passengers at a time.

Airbus has also designed a propeller aircraft that can carry 100 passengers and a blended wing aircraft that can carry 200 passengers.

The company stated that the design of these aircraft relies on hydrogen fuel, meaning they will only emit water.

Aircraft fuel is currently thought to account for 2% of global toxic emissions, and the numbers are rising.

According to Airbus, these concept aircraft will help us improve the design and build the world’s first carbon-free flight that we want to introduce by 2035.

The company said the planes used engines that would be powered by hydrogen fuel, while battery fuel cells were part of it, but the electric battery alone was not enough for the aircraft.

The company will invest billions of dollars annually in the sector from 2025 and within five years the flight of these aircraft will be tested.

Airbus is working on the design of hydrogen fuel, while its rival Boeing is working on the development of short-haul air taxis that will be powered by electric batteries.

These taxis will also be capable of vertical landing and take-off like helicopters.

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