Arab Coalition Shoots Down Explosive-Laden Houthi drone

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Sep, 2020. 08:07 pm
Arab Coalition Shoots Down Explosive-Laden Houthi drone

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Arab League, which supports the constitutional government in Yemen, said in a statement on Tuesday that an Iranian-backed Houthi militia had sent an explosive-laden drone into Saudi Arabia which has been destroyed.

Colonel Turki al-Maliki, the coalition’s official spokesman, said in a statement that the Houthi militia had sent an “explosive” drone to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday morning, with the aim of systematically targeting civilian installations and civilians in the southern part of the country. Coalition forces, however, successfully destroyed the drone on the way.

Earlier, the Arab League announced that it would continue its response to the Houthi militia. The coalition stressed that it intends to hold those involved in the terrorist operation accountable under international law.

Earlier last month, the Arab League thwarted a ballistic missile attack on the Saudi city of Najran.

A ballistic missile fired into the air near the Saudi city of Najran.

The spokesman said that the missile was fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

Col. Turki al-Maliki, the spokesman also said that Houthi rebels try to target Saudi cities with several bombers from Sana’a, Yemen.

The ballistic missile was destroyed in mid-air before reaching the target through the air defence system. Colonel Turki al-Maliki said.

An Arab League spokesman said several Houthi bombers and ballistic missiles towards Khamis Mushait have shot down.


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