Details Of Rs. 1,100 Billion Allocated For Karachi Transformation Plan

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Sep, 2020. 10:21 pm
Details of Rs. 1,113 billion for Karachi Transformation Plan

The Prime Minister’s Office released the details of the Rs 1100 billion package announced for the Karachi Transformation Plan.

According to details, the Prime Minister’s Office said that Rs 92 billion has been allocated for water supply projects in Karachi under the Karachi Transformation Plan package.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Rs 141 billion will be spent on sewage treatment in Karachi, while Rs 267 billion has been allocated for solid waste management and drainage.

Rs 41 billion will be spent on road rehabilitation and construction of new roads, while Rs 572 billion has been allocated for mass transit, rail and road transport in Karachi.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced the Karachi Transformation Plan today. In a news conference, he said that the federation would pay Rs 800 billion and Sindh would pay Rs 300 billion in this historic package for Karachi.

He said that there are problems of the sewerage system, transport, solid waste and water in Karachi, we are trying to solve all the problems together, cleaning of drains has been assigned to NDMA, drains will be cleaned by the federation. The resettlement of the IDPs will be done by the province, all the work will be monitored by the PCIC, in which the federal government, the provincial government and the army will participate.

PM Imran Khan said that there are boundaries of different institutions in Karachi, so it was difficult to implement decisions here, one of the main reasons for the problems of Karachi is the division of powers, but now one year and 3 years to solve the problems of Karachi. The policies of the year have been formulated.


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