Government is working hard to bring laws to punish sex offenders, PM

Tuba AtharWeb Editor

16th Sep, 2020. 08:56 pm
Government is working hard to bring laws to punish sex offenders, PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated that the government is working hard to bring laws to punish the perpetrators of rape.

Addressing the joint session of the parliament, PM Imran Khan said the motorway incident shocked the entire concise of the society. “Ever since the incident happened, I am thinking to bring a strict law on it,” said the PM.

Prime Minister said that the cases of sexual abuse against women and children are rarely reported and that the incident of rape destroys the life of the victim.

He said the police is working on the registration system. He added that the data of rapists is collected around the world to stop further cases and that the main accused in the motorway robbery and gang rape case Abid is involved in several other rape cases.

“Even if these criminals are caught, it is not easy to punish them,” he said, adding that the way evidence is gathered is a very difficult process. He added that the matter of evidence and witnesses is being taken seriously.

The Prime Minister said the government is working hard to bring a strict law under which the culprits may be given exemplary punishment.

Talking about the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the PM said that the whole world is watching the issue of FATF. Referring to the opposition, he said that the issue of the FATF bill is used to curb corruption. During his address to the parliament, the PM said that the opposition’s attitude in the joint session today showed that the interest of the opposition parties and their leaders were opposite of Pakistan’s interest.

“Going on the blacklist would mean sanctions, our economy would crash. We were hoping opposition would jointly pass this legislation because it’s for Pakistan,” the PM said.

The premier told the joint sitting of both the houses that during the negotiations, the opposition had proposed 34 amendments in the NAB rules. He criticized the opposition for suggesting that money laundering be excluded from NAB rules. The PM recalled that he was asked to provide a money trail for an apartment he bought in London at a time when he was not holding any public office.

“I want to tell the opposition that we are ready to compromise on anything for the sake of the country, but we will not compromise on corruption,” he added.

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