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India, China agree to ease border tensions

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Sep, 2020. 07:27 pm
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Border issues with China can be resolved through talks: Indian Army Chief

India and China have agreed to work to reduce border tensions following a meeting of defence ministers on the sidelines of the SCO summit.

It should be noted that the two nuclear-armed countries had deployed additional troops along the western Himalayan border after a clash in June, during which 20 Indian soldiers were killed in an unarmed battle. ۔

China, on the other hand, has not released casualty figures for its military.

According to a report, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Chinese General Wei Feng met in Moscow on Friday to discuss high-level political ties between India and China following escalating border tensions in May. They met on the sidelines of the SCO summit.

The Indian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the two countries agreed that neither side should take any further action that would further complicate the situation or strain the situation in the border areas.

The Chinese Defense Ministry said in a statement on its website that General Wei Fenghe said the two sides should promote peace and stability and work to reduce existing tensions.

He said that India is solely responsible for the current tensions, but China is committed to safeguarding its national sovereignty and the region.

China has called on India to tighten control over its frontline forces, refrain from provocative actions and “refrain from deliberately beating drums and spreading negative information.”

For months, troops have been stationed in the western Himalayan region, where both sides have accused each other of violating the Line of Actual Control.

Earlier, on June 20, 20 Indian soldiers were killed during tensions in the Galvan Valley, after which both sides agreed to withdraw.

However, despite several rounds of talks, the armies are facing each other at various points, including the highest point, Pangong Tso lake, which both countries claim.

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