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International Teachers’ Day is being celebrated today

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Sep, 2020. 09:26 pm
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International Teachers' Day is being celebrated today

Teachers’ Day is being celebrated today all over the world, including Pakistan.

International Teachers’ Day represents the great expression that teachers make for advancement in the field of education. If parents nurture their children, the teachers develop them mentally and make them useful citizens of the future.

Organized by UNESCO, World Teachers’ Day has been celebrated regularly every year since 1994. The purpose of celebrating Teachers’ Day is to highlight the important role of teachers in society.

After the parents, the teacher plays an important role in the training of the children. That is why the teacher has been given the status of spiritual parents.

The one who illuminates the world with the light of knowledge. Teachers play a key role in the development of any society and that is why International Teachers’ Day is celebrated to appreciate their services.

After receiving a basic education at home, a child needs the education and training that a teacher gives him to gain a place in society.

The salaries of teachers in Pakistan’s small private schools are much lower than in public schools. Salaries in elite schools are better than in public schools. UNESCO and the International Labor Organization have recommended that teachers’ salaries should be at least as high as their academic qualifications, as in other fields. Provide them with the resources to support their families.

The problem of education in Pakistan needs to be addressed on an urgent basis. Teachers are the backbone of the education system. They cannot be expected to perform well unless their working conditions improve. Only a prosperous teacher can guarantee a healthy learning environment.

The Prime Minister should impose an educational emergency in the whole country and restore the dignity of the architects of the nation. We have to abolish our outdated system and bring a new one.

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