Kuwait: 127,000 expatriates deprived of residency permits

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Sep, 2020. 11:57 pm
Kuwait: 127,000 expatriates deprived of residency permits

127,000 expatriates residing in Kuwait failed to expand their residency permits online due to the coronavirus, as a result of which they lost their residency.

According to the reports, Kuwait has banned flights due to Coronavirus and millions of residents have been stranded in their countries.

The report quoted Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Ra’i as saying, “This is due either to laxity of those expats to renew their iqamats or as a result of deliberate action by some sponsors or governmental bodies,”

Officials said that despite the Interior Ministry’s offer to remind and facilitate foreigners to expedite the extension of their permits online, most of them did not benefit from the decision on humanitarian grounds.

According to officials, about 500,000 Kuwaitis are currently out of the country.

Earlier, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry had recently extended the permits and visas of foreigners in Kuwait for three months, effective September 1.

According to the report, the extension will not apply to those whose permits expire after September 1 and are valid for those whose permits expired before August 31.

Officials said that even after 9/11, the number of people whose residency expired was very high, they did not apply for an extension and were making the mistake of taking advantage of the waiver.

They said that these people would have to pay a fine as the scheme was not for them and if caught, they would be deported and would be barred from entering the country in future.

Kuwaiti authorities last month imposed sanctions on 32 countries, most of them hometowns, where the situation is worrying due to Coronavirus.

According to the report, about 3.4 million people are in Kuwait for employment abroad.

Kuwait last month banned commercial flights to 31 countries, including Pakistan, due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Kuwait’s director general of civil aviation had said the ban would remain in place indefinitely, calling it a “major threat” to the spread of the disease.

Apart from Pakistan, Kuwait has banned commercial flights from India, Egypt, Philippines, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, China, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Iraq due to which residency permits of the large numbers of expatriates in Kuwait were affected.

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