Only ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ will feature fastest mmWave 5G: Reports

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

04th Sep, 2020. 12:39 pm
iPhone 12 Pro Max

The top-model in the upcoming iPhone series, iPhone 12 Pro Max, will likely be the the only 2020 iPhone with faster millimeter-wave 5G (mmWave 5G), a report claims.

The iPhone 12 Pro series is expected to come with 5G connectivity. Now, reports further claim that there may be some disparity in connectivity speeds among the four expected 2020 iPhone models.

All the models, except the top-end iPhone 12 Pro Max, may come with the more common Sub-6GHz 5G service, reports said.

A 6.5-inch screen iPhone 12, may feature the faster mmWave 5G. On the other hand, rest of the models in the series may offer relatively slower Sub-6GHz 5G connectivity.

According to the report, only the largest iPhone 12 model has the internal space for the antenna design required for mmWave.

Moreover, a larger battery, required for the higher power draw, can only be fitted in this model of the iPhone 12, added the report.

Additionally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max models sold in Japan, South Korea, and the US could support mmWave 5G.

Back in May, a report stated that only the iPhone 12 Pro and Max may support mmWave 5G while the other two models, iPhone 12 and 12 Max, could support Sub-6GHz 5G.

The main difference between mmWave 5G and Sub-6GHz 5G is that the former allows for large bandwidth resulting in faster speeds while the latter has limited bandwidth and relatively lower speeds.

A maximum download speed of 1.1Gbps has been achieved on mmWave, while the maximum speed achieved on Sub-6GHz is 213.1Mbps.

Notably, mmWave can only travel short distances but Sub-6GHz 5G can travel longer distances.

Recently, it was reported that in an attempt to save costs, Apple may ship iPhone 12 models without any accessories such as chargers or headphones.

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