Queen Elizabeth cancels honorary CBE Conferred upon Harvey Weinstein

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th Sep, 2020. 09:18 pm
Queen Elizabeth cancels honorary CBE Conferred upon Harvey Weinstein

Queen Elizabeth has annulled the honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) accolade given to 68-year-old Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

 Harvey Weinstein, who has been serving a 23-year prison sentence for raping a woman since March this year, has also filed an appeal against his sentence.

Criminal cases of rape and sexual exploitation of women against Harvey Weinstein are pending in several US states.

So far, Harvey Weinstein has been jailed in only one case by a court in the US state of New York, while serious cases are pending against him in the courts of several cities, including Los Angeles.

Harvey Weinstein is facing dozens of civil lawsuits, in which women have filed compensation claims against him and have offered the women a new settlement of $3.5 million this month.

Earlier, Harvey Weinstein had settled a settlement with several women for 19 million, but the court rejected his settlement on a woman’s complaint, after which he offered the women an additional settlement.

The Oscar Academy has also suspended Harvey Weinstein on charges of rape and sexual exploitation of women, while several other film organizations have also taken action against him.

Reports stated that the Queen of Britain has annulled honorary civil commander award given to Harvey Weinstein a decade and a half ago.

The Queen made it clear in her order that the award given to the filmmaker by the United Kingdom in January 2004 should be revoked.

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