Sarcasm May Kill You, New Research Claims

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Sep, 2020. 09:52 pm
Sarcasm May Kill You, New Research Claims

New York: Scientists say people who ridicule, envy and hate others are more likely to die prematurely.

Scientists from the University of Tennessee in the United States have shown in their research that people who have negative emotions such as sarcasm, cynicism, resentment, impatience or irritability are more likely to die prematurely. Such people are more prone to heart disease and are more likely to have a heart attack.

In the study, scientists examined the behavioural habits of 2,300 people who survived a heart attack and found that those who had these negative habits were more likely to have a second heart attack within the next two years. The risk of death was many times higher than for people with positive emotions.

The head of the research team, Tracy Vitori, said that their research has shown evidence that a person’s constant negative thinking and negative attitudes are extremely detrimental to his or her mental and physical health.

She said: ‘Hostility is a personality trait that includes being sarcastic, cynical, resentful, impatient or irritable.

‘It’s not just a one-off occurrence but characterises how a person interacts with people.

‘We know that taking control of lifestyle habits improves the outlook for heart attack patients and our study suggests that improving hostile behaviours could also be a positive move.’

According to scientists, such people are less inclined to take care of themselves and they are more attracted to smoking and alcohol. Their diet and lifestyle are very poor. These are the causes that cause other diseases, including heart disease, in these people and increase their chances of early death.

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