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Syed Fahad Shah pleases India by copying its news channel’s logo for Abb Tak TV

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05th Sep, 2020. 05:58 pm
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Syed Fahad Shah pleases India by copying its news channel's logo

A trademark provides brand equity for any organization. A company that feels its brand equity can be extended to other countries should consider filing a trademark to preserve and protect its rights to those brands. If you are thinking that you have got your trademark protected, it may be vulnerable overseas. Someone in another country using your trademark could be as damaging as someone opening a store with the same name as yours in your own town.

This is a perfect example of blatant trademark infringement on part of Abb Takk, the Pakistani news channel in question. They have not only copied the logo of Aaj Tak, an Indian channel but, also the look and feel of the entire channel.

Abb Takk is an Urdu private Pakistani news channel based in Karachi, owned and operated by APNA TV Group which was launched on 19 April 2013. It is a shame for Pakistani TV channels such as Abb Takk that they are not even able to create their own logo for their news channel with some creativity and originality.

This raises other concerns such as the Pakistani news channel being funded by the neighboring country. The design, colors, and shape, all are the same as the two logos used for both the channels. The only difference is the language, Aaj Tak is spelled in Urdu while Abb Takk in Hindi. Also, the two words mean the same when translated so, there is not much of a difference. It feels like the owners of both channels are the same. Another thing to ponder upon here is how the program formats of the two channels, operating in different countries is the same. The resemblance is so uncanny, we could not help but, notice!

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