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Syed Sarfaraz Shah of Abb Takk TV blackmails businesses, PEMRA issues notice

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05th Sep, 2020. 05:58 pm
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Syed Sarfaraz Shah blackmails businesses, PEMRA issues notice

Abb Takk News faces repercussions after blackmailing café and other small business owners on Syed Sarfaraz Shah’s permission. After facing considerable backlash, Abb Takk News is finally out in the open as businessmen come forward after being demanded money from Abb Takk TV.

Using Abb Takk News, Syed Sarfaraz Shah airs fake news about several small businesses and blackmails his victims into funding the media channel to prevent the news from going viral. Several restaurant owners have come forward after being taken advantage of. Several business owners have found other people in the same boat as them and have raised their voices in unison.

Abb Takk TV has FIR lodged against it as it attempts to regain its reputation in front of the public. We come across this often times in Pakistan’s media landscape. A TV Network using its influence and prowess to blackmail and illegally fund their operations.

This TV network goes a step forward by not only blackmailing its victims but also doing so with fake news. Bullying in the media industry can create havoc among the masses as their reliance for authentic news switches towards international forums and their faith in our nation’s television networks deteriorates. Such channels should be put under heavy speculation by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority as they are creating a mockery of the divine institution of journalism.

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