“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Will Go on Air Despite Allegations

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

09th Sep, 2020. 05:33 pm
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Will Go on Air Despite Allegations

Ellen DeGeneres, a 62-year-old American actress, TV host and comedian, has confirmed that her show’s 18th season will begin airing on September 18 and she will discuss allegations of ‘sexual harassment’ on the show.

The Associated Press (AP) reported that host Ellen DeGeneres confirmed in a statement that their show would begin in the middle of this month and that celebrities would be the guest of honour at the opening.

The host said in a statement that she was “passionate” about the show’s re-airing and return to work, and promised that the program would address recent “sexual harassment” issues.

Ellen DeGeneres’ shows have been running since 2003 and have been aired on a number of web streaming channels and social media sites, including on the NBC Network’s TV channels.

The Ellen DeGeneres show is one of the most-watched shows of the day and is now in its seventh season.

The show has won many awards, including 171 Emmy Awards, and has featured many celebrities.

At least 4 dozen former and current employees of the Alien DeGeneres show have accused the show’s top executives of harassment, including exploitation and ill-treatment, in July this year.

All employees of the Ellen DeGeneres show told BuzzFeed on condition of anonymity that the show’s producers and directors continued to exploit and harass them.

The accusers included male employees and also accused male producers and directors of sexual harassment and sexual exploitation.

According to most of the employees who have made allegations against the top officials of the Ellen DeGeneres show, they believe that the Ellen DeGeneres will have no knowledge about exploitation and ill-treatment.

The show’s production company, Warner Bros., announced an internal investigation after allegations were made by employees of the show.

And last August, Warner Bros. fired three senior producers of the show after allegations surfaced.

Following the dismissal of the producers, it was thought that Ellen DeGeneres would be barred from airing the show indefinitely, but it has now been confirmed that the show will air.

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