UN accuses Venezuelan President of Committing ‘Crimes against Humanity’

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

16th Sep, 2020. 10:39 pm
UN accuses Venezuelan President of Committing 'Crimes against Humanity'

The United Nations (UN) has accused Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of committing “Crimes against Humanity”.

According to the reports, UN investigators say the Venezuelan government has committed serious crimes against humanity.

The UN Human Rights Council has investigated cases of murder, torture and disappearances in Venezuela.

The UN team said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other high-ranking officials were involved in the crime.

On the other hand, the ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations called the mission of the council adversarial.

Ambassador Jorge Vellaro said last year that the UN operation was part of a US-led operation and that a UN team had been barred from leaving the country.

It should be noted that Venezuela is suffering from a severe economic and political crisis where millions of people have been displaced in recent years.

The UN mission said in its report that Venezuela’s security agencies have been engaged in systematic violence since 2014, with the aim of suppressing political opponents and terrorizing the population.

The report said Venezuela’s president, interior minister and defence minister were not only aware of the crime but also provided orders, coordinated operations and resources.

The report called on Venezuela to hold those responsible accountable and prevent further violations.

Marta Valiñas, chairperson of the UN mission said that in light of the evidence provided by the mission, it is certain that Venezuelan authorities and security forces have been planning and executing serious human rights violations since 2014.

Authorities and security forces carried out killings and systematic violence, which amounted to crimes against humanity, she said.

The commanding officers and senior government officials knew or were doing it directly, she added.

UN investigators concluded after considering 223 cases.

The report is expected to be presented to members of the UN Human Rights Council next week, with a response from Venezuela.

The United States is working to remove Nicolas Maduro from the presidency in Venezuela, and in doing so is pushing Venezuela further into economic crisis.

The United States recently warned ports, shipping companies and other related entities against doing business with Iran and Venezuela due to hostilities.

The Venezuelan president imported oil from Iran to meet the country’s needs, a decision that angered the resident Donald Trump’s administration.

The United States has banned five Iranian ships carrying oil to Venezuela.

On August 9, a Venezuelan court sentenced two former US Special Forces veterans to 20 years in prison for plotting to overthrow the government and capture President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuela’s chief prosecutor said on Twitter that former U.S. soldiers Luke Denman and Aaron Berry had confessed to participating in the operation on May 4 through a third U.S. soldier.

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