Incredible Pakistani Snooker Player Muhammad Ikram With No Arms

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Oct, 2020. 11:54 pm
Incredible Pakistani Snooker Player Muhammad Ikram With No Arms

Physical disability cannot be an obstacle in any work if you are mentally strong and determined. Muhammad Ikram, a Pakistani snooker player who born without both arms, is an example.

Ikram’s skill in cueing snooker balls with his chin has made him popular among Pakistani snooker players and on social media.

Born into a poor family in the Samundari small town of Punjab Province, Muhammad Ikram, 32, and his eight siblings never went to school due to financial difficulties.

Due to physical disability, Ikram’s childhood was spent in a feeling of loneliness.

According to him, seeing the boys playing in a local snooker club, he also became interested in playing snooker, after which he started practising it in secret.

Mohammad Ikram told AFP that initially, he played with balls alone on an empty pool table. Gradually his game got better and he started playing with others.

Mohammad Ikram says that if there is a player like him, he is ready to face it.

Muhammad Ikram’s parents banned him from playing snooker for many years.

According to Ikram, the parents feared that he might get injured while playing snooker. However, his parents allowed him to play snooker now.

Videos of Muhammad Ikram playing snooker are gaining popularity on social media. Muhammad Ikram also says that he has become famous but he does not know what social media is.

Muhammad Nadeem, the owner of Samundari Snooker Club, has described Muhammad Ikram as a sincere ‘sportsman’.

He said that we do not take money from Muhammad Ikram to play. Instead, people pay us to play with Muhammad Ikram.

In the absence of social security in Pakistan, the majority of people with disabilities are forced to live at home.

Pakistan does not have the latest data on people with disabilities. However, NGOs estimate that in a country with a population of 220 million, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from a variety of disabilities.

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