Juggun Kazim baby girl: Fans just can’t get over her cuteness

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

15th Oct, 2020. 03:49 pm
Juggun Kazim baby daughter

Actress and host Juggun Kazim, who was recently blessed with a baby girl, has shared images of her daughter Syeda Noor Bano Naqvi.

Juggun Kazim is an active YouTuber and had already revealed the gender of her baby in a vlog.

She is already a of two boys and having a baby girl now is something out of this world for her.

Earlier on Instagram, the ‘Vasl’ actress has shared the news of her daughter’s arrival with her fans. She posted a  holding the hand of her little angel.

“Thank you all for your prayers and love,” “She is here. Syeda Noor Bano Naqvi, DOB: 9th October 2020”, Juggun captioned the post.


Have a look at Juggun Kazim’s daughter:

Juggun Kazim daughter

Earlier in an interview, the host revealed about her first marriage. She discussed that she wanted to leave her husband from the moment she found out about him. The man used to beat him and caged her inside a room. She was unable to work, meet her family or go out to get much needed relief. She was unable to have a normal life like other people around her.She had to redo her lifestyle and get out of it as soon as she could.

Moreover, she was pregnant and had to raise her child. Her son was born and she thought it would change her life. But eventually, her life became more miserable and she could not pursue a life with the man she thought she loved.

Afterwards, Juggun spent a few years after her separation alone.

However, she was finally able to make a decision and remarry. Juggun Kazim has been able to live a life that is filled with struggle and has been able to move on. She not only took charge of her life but also made sure it was reshaped according to her standards.

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