Price list of essential commodities across Pakistan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

11th Oct, 2020. 08:41 pm
price list across Pakistan

Just after the prices of basic commodities started to increase across Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier on Sunday tweeted that he would be meeting Tiger Force at the Convention Centre to direct them to keep a check on the prices of essential commodities in their localities.

“On coming Saturday I will be meeting with our Tiger Force at the Convention Centre. From now till then I want our Tiger Force to regularly check prices of daal, atta, sugar, ghee in their localities & post on the Tiger Force portal. Will discuss in Saturday mtg,” PM Khan tweeted.


However, the prices of flour, sugar, lentils, and other essential commodities have increased rapidly across the country. Here is the Karachi’s price list.


Whole-wheat flour- Rs80
Flour- Rs70 per kg
Fine flour- Rs75 per kg


The price of lentils also increased by Rs2 to 6
Moong Dal- Rs260 per kg
Chana Dal- Rs160 per kg
Masoor Dal- Rs150 per kg
Maash Dal- Rs240 per kg

Cooking Oils:

Branded oil “Dalda” reached a high of Rs265
Other branded oils increased from Rs255 to Rs260 per kg
Ghee increased from Rs200 toRs 260 per kg


Milk price increased by Rs150 to Rs155 per kg


Sugar is being sold at Rs105 per kg


Chicken rate:

Rs16 per kg increased in the price of chicken in a day. The chicken was sold at Rs176 per kg the previous day however, today the price has increased to Rs191.

The price of chicken has increased by Rs80 per kg in a month.

Vegetable Prices:

White Potatoes- Rs 50
Red Potatoes- Rs 70
Onions- Rs60 per kg
Tomatoes- Rs 80
Taro Root (Arvi)- Rs 90
Cucumbers- Rs50 per kg
Peas- Rs200,
Okra- Rs- 60
Praecitrullus fistulosu (Teenda) and Turnip- Rs50 per kg


Just like every other city of Pakistan, Quetta has also seen an increase in price of different essential commodities including vegetables and lentils.


Dal Moong-Rs280 per kg
Dal Maash- Rs290 per kg
Dal Chana- Rs170
Dal Masoor- Rs190
White beans- Rs 280 per kg
Dal Sabut Masur- Rs180 per kg.


Prices of various varieties of rice have also increased by Rs20-30 per kg


Rs 12-13 per egg

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