PSL 2020 Live Score | Karachi Kings vs Multan Sultans | #KKvMS

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

14th Nov, 2020. 03:38 pm
PSL 2020 Live Score

END OF OVER-18 (9 runs – 1 wicket)

17.1Sohail TanvirWaqas Maqsood1
17.2 BoparaWaqas Maqsood6
17.3BoparaWaqas MaqsoodOUT
17.4Mohammad IlyasWaqas Maqsood0
17.5Mohammad IlyasWaqas Maqsood1
17.6Sohail TanvirWaqas Maqsood1

END OF OVER-17 (9 runs -1 wicket)

16.1Shahid AfridiArshad Iqbal0
16.2 Shahid AfridiArshad Iqbal6
16.3Shahid AfridiArshad IqbalOUT
16.4Sohail TanvirArshad Iqbal0
16.5Sohail TanvirArshad Iqbal2
16.6Sohail TanvirArshad Iqbal1

END OF OVER-16 (4 runs)

15.1BoparaWaqas Maqsood1
15.2 Shahid AfridiWaqas Maqsood0
15.3Shahid AfridiWaqas Maqsood0
15.4Shahid AfridiWaqas Maqsood1
15.5BoparaWaqas Maqsood1
15.6Shahid AfridiWaqas Maqsood1

END OF OVER-15 (5 runs)

15.1BoparaWaqas Maqsood1
15.2 Shahid AfridiWaqas Maqsood0
15.3Shahid AfridiWaqas Maqsood0
15.4Shahid AfridiWaqas Maqsood1
15.5BoparaWaqas Maqsood1
15.6Shahid AfridiWaqas Maqsood1

END OF OVER-14 (5  runs)

12.1BoparaMohammad Amir 1
12.2 Shahid AfridiMohammad Amir 1
12.3BoparaMohammad Amir 1
12.4 Shahid AfridiMohammad Amir 1
12.5BoparaMohammad Amir 1
12.6Shahid AfridiMohammad Amir 0

END OF OVER- 13 (3 runs – 1 wicket)

12.1Khushdil ShahArshad Iqbal1
12.2 BoparaArshad Iqbal1
12.3Khushdil ShahArshad IqbalOUT
12.4BoparaArshad Iqbal0
12.5BoparaArshad Iqbal0
12.6BoparaArshad Iqbal1

END OF OVER-12 (9 runs)

11.1Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed1
11.2 BoparaIftikhar Ahmed4
11.3Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed6
11.4Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed0
11.5Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed0
11.6Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed1

END OF OVER-11 (14 runs)

10.1BoparaParnell 4
10.2 BoparaParnell 4
10.3Bopara Parnell 1
10.4Khushdil ShahParnell 1
10.5BoparaParnell 0
10.6BoparaParnell 4

END OF OVER-10 (5 runs)

9.1BoparaIftikhar Ahmed1
9.2 Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed1
9.3Bopara Iftikhar Ahmed1
9.4Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed1
9.5BoparaIftikhar Ahmed1
9.6Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed0

END OF OVER-9 (6 runs)

8.1Khushdil ShahParnell 0
8.2 Khushdil ShahParnell 1
8.3Bopara Parnell 2
8.4BoparaParnell 1
8.5Khushdil ShahParnell 1
8.6BoparaParnell 1

END OF OVER-8 (3 runs)

7.1Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed1
7.2Bopara Iftikhar Ahmed0
7.3Bopara Iftikhar Ahmed0
7.4Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed1
7.5Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed0
7.6Khushdil ShahIftikhar Ahmed0

END OF OVER-7 (3 runs – 1 wicket)

6.1Zeeshan AshrafImad Wasim1
6.2BoparaImad Wasim1
6.3Zeeshan AshrafImad WasimOUT
6.4Khushdil ShahImad Wasim0
6.5Khushdil ShahImad Wasim0
6.6Khushdil ShahImad Wasim1

END OF OVER-6 (4 runs – 1 wicket)

5.1RossouwArshad Iqbal0
5.2RossouwArshad Iqbal1
5.3Zeeshan AshrafArshad Iqbal1
5.4RossouwArshad IqbalRun Out
5.5BoparaArshad Iqbal1
5.6Zeeshan AshrafArshad Iqbal1

END OF OVER-5 (8 runs)

4.1Zeeshan AshrafWaqas Maqsood1
4.2RossouwWaqas Maqsood0
4.3RossouwWaqas Maqsood1
4.4 Zeeshan AshrafWaqas Maqsood4
4.5Zeeshan AshrafWaqas Maqsood1
4.6RossouwWaqas Maqsood1

END OF OVER -4 (3 runs – 1 wicket)

3.1Zeeshan AshrafMohammad Amir0
3.2Shan MasoodMohammad AmirRun Out
3.3Zeeshan AshrafMohammad Amir0
3.4RossouwMohammad Amir0
3.5RossouwMohammad Amir0
3.6RossouwMohammad Amir2

END OF OVER – 3 (5 runs – 1 wicket)

2.1Zeeshan AshrafWaqas Maqsood1
2.2LythWaqas Maqsood0
2.3LythWaqas MaqsoodOUT
2.4Shan MasoodWaqas Maqsood3
2.5 Zeeshan AshrafWaqas Maqsood1
2.6Shan MasoodWaqas Maqsood0

END OF OVER- 2 (10 runs)

1.1LythMohammad Amir0
1.2LythMohammad Amir0
1.3LythMohammad Amir2
1.4LythMohammad Amir6
1.5LythMohammad Amir1
1.6Zeeshan AshrafMohammad Amir1

END OF OVER-1  (8 runs)

0.1Zeeshan AshrafImad Wasim0
0.2Zeeshan AshrafImad Wasim4
0.3Zeeshan AshrafImad Wasim4
0.4Zeeshan AshrafImad Wasim0
0.5Zeeshan AshrafImad Wasim0
0.6Zeeshan AshrafImad Wasim0


Karachi Kings decide to bowl after winning the toss

Multan Sultans Squad

Multan Sultans Squad 
Shan MasoodCaptain
Zeeshan AshrafWicket-keeper
Adam Lyth
Rilee Rossouw
Ravi Bopara
Khushdil Shah
Shahid Afridi
Sohail Tanvir
Mohammad Ilyas
Imran Tahir
Muhammad Irfan

Karachi Kings Squad

Karachi Kings Squad 
Imad Wasimcaptain
Babar Azamvice-captain
Chadwick Waltonwicketkeeper
Sharjeel Khan
Alex Hales
Wayne Parnell
Mohammad Amir
Waqas Maqsood
Iftikhar Ahmed
Arshad Iqbal
Sherfane Rutherford

Karachi Kings (KK) and Multan Sultans (MS) are all set to face each other ahead of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 5 here at national Stadium today.

The qualifier teams Multan Sultans and Karachi Kings will strike the field at 3 pm today (Saturday), under the supervision of ICC Elite Panel umpire Michael Gough and Rashid Riaz.

The winners of the qualifier between Multan and Karachi will qualify for the November 17 final.


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