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Samsung shuts research facility after increasing positive cases of COVID-19

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

18th Nov, 2020. 08:24 pm
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Samsung Electronics announced earlier today (18th November 2020) that they are going to temporarily shutting down one of its research centers after a positive case of the COVID-19 infection raised.

The South Korean tech giant has ordered to all of its employees that they should start to work from home till at least the end of this week.

This move is done to stop the further spread of the infection. Similarly, another South Korean company, LG, also reported a positive case of coronavirus at its own research facility in Seoul, as per report.

The Samsung research center was located in Suwon, where one of the workers was tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

The company has specified that it would follow all the procedures to control the virus from spreading further. Samsung will sanitize the entire building and test every worker who were in contact with the employee that tested positive.

Particularly, this is the second case of the coronavirus infection in the same facility, with the first case surfacing about five months ago. The quick and conclusive move from the company is understandable as the virus is highly transmissible. Samsung has been quick to familiarize to COVID-19 situation and has even recovered well, with it reporting its highest ever quarterly earnings in Q3 2020, despite the initial impacts of the virus on its operations.

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