US Election 2020: Donald Trump Or Joe Biden, Who Will Be Better for Pakistan?

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

02nd Nov, 2020. 06:10 pm
US Election 2020: Donald Trump Or Joe Biden, Who Will Be Better for Pakistan?

US Election 2020: Decision-makers and key figures in the federal capital, Islamabad, also have their say in the US presidential election 2020, in 1980 Pakistan’s conservative political parties openly supported Republican presidential candidates.

In the 1980s and 1990s, when Pakistan’s political climate was tense due to ideological conflicts in the region following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan’s right-wing political forces openly supported Republican candidates in the US presidential election.

This was a time when some right-wing newspapers were openly supporting former President George W. Bush (Sr.) in the US election.

The main reason for doing so was that the Republican Party had generously provided material and financial support to the Afghan ‘Mujahideen’ in the war in Afghanistan, but times have changed. Today, it is impossible to find a person in Islamabad who openly supports one of the US presidential candidates.

But this does not mean that Pakistanis have no keen interest in the US presidential race or have any likes or dislikes in this regard.

Some in the House of Representatives in Islamabad believe that if President Donald Trump is re-elected, it will be in Pakistan’s best interests. This section believes that Prime Minister Imran Khan has established a special relationship with President Trump over the past two years and if President Trump is re-elected, these relations will continue.

They believe that relations between President Trump and Prime Minister Imran Khan have grown significantly over the past two years.

The second development is that the facilitation provided by Pakistan to the United States in negotiations with the Taliban has strengthened the practical contacts between the authorities of the two countries. He needed Pakistan’s help, and in the process, Pakistan has formed closer ties with officials in Washington.

On the other hand, US presidential candidate Joe Biden is not only well-versed in the region, but also has a deep acquaintance with Afghanistan and has been involved in the Afghan process.

The reason for the Pakistani government’s inclination towards Biden this time is to think that Biden is closer to the thinking of the US security establishment, especially on the issue of Afghanistan.

Donald Trump is also working on what successes will he leave behind in the United States and around the world after being re-elected President of the United States. This could mean that Washington can put pressure on Islamabad for Pakistan to recognize Israel.

It is also possible that Trump will use Pakistan to resume talks with India. This will be its success in South Asia. As for India’s proximity, Biden was the one who lobbied for a nuclear deal between the United States and India. At the time, he was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Relations between Pakistan and the United States have improved significantly over the past two years. Whether Trump wins the election or Joe Biden, relations between Pakistan and the United States will continue to grow.

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