When Man Became Rich Overnight After Meteorite Landed In His House

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd Nov, 2020. 08:36 pm
When Man Became Rich Overnight After Meteorite Landed In His House

Imagine what you would do if a Meteorite or a space rock suddenly broke from the sky and landed to your house.

It’s hard to believe, but such an event can change your life, that is, make you rich.

This is what happened to a coffin maker in Indonesia whose roof was shattered by a meteorite.

Josua Hutagalung, a 33-year-old man, sold the stone for just 14 14,000 (over PKR 2,254,000), although the actual price was much higher.

Josua, from Kolang, North Sumatra, was making a coffin when he heard a loud explosion.

With the blast, a 2.1kg space rock left the tin roof of his house and fell into the room.

This meteorite is 4 and a half billion years old and contains a rare carbon stone called Chondrite which costs 85 853 per gram.

Josua sold it for 200 million Indonesian rupees and later said in an interview that he felt cheated.

The incident took place in August and is now the focus of international media attention.

“I spent all this money helping my family and orphans and building a church,” Josua said.

The man uploaded a video of his discovery on his Facebook page with the caption, “A black mountain fell from the sky on my house.”

After falling, the rock sank 15 cm into the ground, which Vishwa dugout.

Joshua told the BBC: “When I lifted it, it was still warm. That’s when I thought that the object I was lifting was a meteorite from the sky. It was impossible for someone to throw a rock that big on to the roof of the house.”


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