‘Accha’ Made It To The Cambridge Dictionary

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

06th Dec, 2020. 09:55 am
Accha added to dictionary

The Cambridge Dictionary, widely regarded as a source for the English language, has introduced a new word to its collection that may have prompted many to express the same surprise.

The ‘word’ which is widely used in the Urdu language as an expression for astonishment is the latest word added to the list.

The definition written for the newly added word ‘accha’ is, “Used for showing that you agree with something or understand something.”

The dictionary, describing the term further said that it could be used to demonstrate surprise or happiness.

The web entry showed the following examples, illustrating how the latest addition can be integrated into phrases:

  • Accha, that’s good. Go ahead!
  • “I managed to buy it for half the price.” “Accha!”
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