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COVID-20: Netizens Abuzz With Conspiracy Theories After New Strain Of Virus

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

22nd Dec, 2020. 12:55 am
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COVID-20: Netizens Abuzz With Conspiracy Theories After New Strain Of Virus

A new strain of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, leading to the introduction of tier four restrictions on millions of people living in England, Scotland and Wales over Christmas.

In addition, several European countries have imposed travel bans with the UK for different durations.

Government advisers on the new infection are somewhat convinced that it is more easily transmitted than other different types of the virus.

Netizens are trending #COVID20 on social media to express their concern over what they suffered in the year 2020, and the moniker ‘COVID 2.0’, to imply the latest threat which came up in the form of the new strain of Coronavirus.

Note that the World Health Organization (WHO) tweeted late Saturday that, “We’re in close contact with U.K. officials on the new #COVID19 virus variant.”

The new strain of coronavirus was identified in southeastern England in September and has been circulating in the area since a WHO official told.

“What we understand is that it does have increased transmissibility, in terms of its ability to spread,” said WHO’s technical lead on COVID-19.

Studies are underway to better understand how fast it spreads and whether “it’s related to the variant itself, or a combination of factors with behaviour,” she said.

Moreover, Europe has been walloped this fall by soaring new infections and deaths due to a resurgence of the virus, and many nations have reimposed a series of restrictions to reign in their outbreaks.

Britain has seen over 67,000 deaths in the pandemic, the second-highest confirmed toll in Europe after Italy.

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