“India cannot defeat Pakistan in war,” says book

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

30th Dec, 2020. 03:11 pm
NC Asthana book

Former Indian Police Officer, NC Asthana publishes “National Security and Conventional Arms Race: Spectre of a Nuclear War” in the context India cannot defeat Pakistan in war.

India holds no clear definition for its antagonist countries Pakistan and China. Along with China’s ideological and strategic objectives.

On the one hand, militant officials and media rhetoric continue, but the reality is that India cannot defeat any country by means of using the military of its own country.

The reviewer, Siddharth Varadarajan, editor of the esteemed current affairs portal, quotes Asthana as suggesting that instead of pouring vast sums of money into expensive weapons imports, India would be better served by finding solutions to the security challenges both Pakistan and China present by strengthening itself internally and pursuing non-military solutions, including diplomacy.

Asthana wrote in the book, “Given the myth of Indian invincibility, the futility of warmongering should be obvious. Yet, as the past few years have demonstrated, jingoism in India is at an all-time high.”

“While conventional weapons can provide a tactical advantage in limited theatre conflicts short of war, the danger lies in escalation — which is hard to control at the best of times but especially so when the public discourse has been vitiated by the politics of warmongering.”

Varadarajan says Asthana has written or co-authored 48 books during his service. He is known among the masses for his ability to critical of the political and bureaucratic establishment.


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