World observes Disability Day with theme ‘Building Back Better’

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

03rd Dec, 2020. 03:20 pm
World Disability Day

On December 3, International Day of persons with disabilities is observed across the world. In 1992, the day was originally established by United nations General Assembly resolution 47/3. It focuses on promoting the well-being and rights of disabled persons throughout every domain of society and advancement. The objective of this day is to spread the awareness and understand the situation in every domain i.e. economic, cultural, and political.

History Of The International Day Of Disability

The 1976 United Nations General Assembly declared 1981 as the International Year of Persons with Disabilities. A policy had been proposed at the regional, national, and international levels. The key priorities of the project were to focus on rehabilitation, mitigation, and balancing of resources.

The General Assembly has declared the decade of 1983-1992 as the United Nations Decade of Disabled Persons. It was intended to include a specific time period in which the initiatives proposed in the World Program of Action can be adopted by government bodies and organisations.

Importance Of The International Day Of Disability

It is reported that more than 1 billion people around the world has to struggle with some sort of disability.  Moreover, it accounts for around 80% in the developing countries and 15% across the world. People with disabilities are also regarded as the ‘world’s largest minority’ which concludes that people with disability. Typically have poorer health, less economic opportunities, lower educational success and higher rates of poverty. This is largely due to the insufficient services available to them.

Theme Of The International Day Of Disability

The novel virus has worsen he situations for the going through some sort of disability since they have less access to health care, and housing in the community. For this reason, the theme of 2020 disability day is ‘Building Back Better’. The theme is formed with the goal of developing a post-COVID-19 disability-inclusive, sustainable and functional situation.

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