Digitonics Scam Cartel : Large Scale Fraudulent Activities under the Nose of State Bank of Pakistan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th Jan, 2021. 05:53 pm

Some shocking details have emerged in the recent FIA crackdown against a company called Digitonics which was involved in international scam. The raid was encouraged by several complains from different countries. One of the scams that the company carried out was designing campaigns for international companies and then declaring the designs “unregistered” through another company, thus opening their door of blackmailing.

After the CEO’s confession of blackmailing, scam, data theft and money laundering crimes, it was also revealed that at least 20 other companies including Olive digital, Salsoft, AB Tach, Legendesk are involved in the same practice under the noses of the very same government institutions which have been created to protect the financial system and ultimately the interest of the customers. It was revealed that over the years, these companies are operating and working with the banking channels without any sort of check and balances.

The banking system of Pakistan has witnessed an unprecedented growth since 2001 with various technological advancement leading to exponential rise in their customers. In return of giving their savings, the customers perceive the banking system as a safe haven for their money. However, the President Sales of Digitonics revealed that the company was involved in stealing the ATM Card details and pin codes of customers to use them for illicit means and doing this since years under the nose of the very banking system that is meant to protect our savings and investments.

These banking systems work under the umbrella of State Bank of Pakistan which is responsible for making sure that the banking environment of the country is not polluted by scam and illegal activities. Digitonics used 12 different accounts for illegal transactions in and out of the country. It used to debit money from customer’s account without their knowledge. Thus this exposed the fact that banking institutions can easily be involved in fraudulent activities under the nose of the State Bank of Pakistan.

Apart from the failure of Pakistani institutions, international ones have also failed to point out this large scale money laundering and scam. Notably World Check, which is known for keeping global businesses safe by pointing out unsafe companies for international clients. With more than 20 companies involved in scamming their international clients for months, it really begs the question how it passed through the radar of World Check?

These scams used for money laundering have been going on since years and together with the banking system of Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan and organizations like World Check have been letting it happen right in front of their eyes. Which begs the question if the system itself is a failure or the system was deliberately blind? In both the cases, the need of reform and stricter measure along with holistic accountability is the need of the hour. Companies like these will continue to form and will not shy to bring harm to the image and the citizens of Pakistan. It is up to the federal institutions to wake up from hibernation and ensure a health and prosperous environment in Pakistan.


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