Doll Inspired By Bernie Sanders’ Viral Image Sells For $20,000

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

28th Jan, 2021. 09:54 pm
Doll Inspired By Bernie Sanders' Viral Image Sells For $20,000

In the United States, a viral image of Senator Bernie Sanders during the swearing-in ceremony of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris looted the festival.

Inspired by Bernie Sanders from the internet meme, the doll made in Croatia has attracted worldwide attention.

In this photo, the US senator is sitting alone in a folding chair with his arms and legs crossed, wearing a green jacket and oversized gloves.

Toby King, from the US state of Texas, makes Croatian products and made a doll based on this viral image.

And this doll has sold for 20,300 dollars (more than 3.6 million Pakistani rupees).

Toby King said “It’s mind-blowing because I knew Bernie was trending because of that picture, and I already had a Bernie pattern and a Bernie doll. So, I just went and got that and I modified that super quick.”

So the doll in the form of a picture of the oath community ceremony also got people’s attention, which was made by Toby King after working for 7 hours continuously.

This doll is very similar to the picture, even the gloves without fingers were the same as the original.

Toby King previously shared photos of the 9-inch doll on his Instagram account, which were liked by thousands.

The doll was then put up for auction on eBay, where it sold for $20,300.

The money will be donated to an organization that provides food to the needy.

Bernie Sanders himself raised money for the organization through the viral photo, which sold the shirt-like shirts in the photo and raised 18 1.8 million.

“The mittens are not that hard it’s just some colour changing, a special stitch,” said Toby King.

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