Hamza Ali Abbasi expresses grief on Hazara Killings In Machh

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

06th Jan, 2021. 04:13 pm
Hamza Ali Abbasi

The Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi took to his social media to mourn the tragedy of 11 miners of Shia Hazara community.

On Monday thousands of protesters from the Shia Hazara community have protested alongside the 11 bodies of miners brutally killed in Balochistan’s Mach coalfield area.

Before dawn on Sunday, the 11 miners were abducted as they slept close to the remote coal mine in the mountainous zone, 60 kilometers southeast of Quetta.

However, up to 2,500 demonstrators along with the families of the victims blocked the roads of Quetta along with the coffins of eight dead bodies. Agha Daud, leader of the Balochistan Shia Conference told the media, “We will not end our protest until all the assassins are arrested.”

Several people from all communities took to Twitter and called out the discriminatory behavior against the Shia community including the influential actor Hamza Ali Abbasi. The message of Alif actor reads, “The horrifying tragedy inflicted by a few EVIL MEN on the Hazara community is so heartbreaking, that all i can tell myself is to feel some peace [with the knowledge] that GOD IS WATCHING EVERYTHING.”

He concluded by saying, “May Allah bless the souls of the victims and give courage to the families.”


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