Which glass will fill first?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

22nd Jan, 2021. 04:39 pm
Which class will fill first?

You can see seven glasses lined in a row with numbering from 1 to 7. A water bottle is placed on the top and straws are present in between the glasses and the bottle.

The bottle has been placed in a position to fill the glasses with water with the help of the placed straws. There are separate pathways for the connection between the glasses and the bottle. Can you find out which glass will be filled first?


No glass will ever fill. Here is how:
Outlet to glass 1 and 5 are blocked at the starting point. So, they will not fill.
The outlet of Glass 2 is blocked at the endpoint, so it will also not fill.
The outlet of glass 3, 4, and 7 is also blocked in the middle, so they will not fill.
Nothing is connected to Glass 6.

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