What Happens When Syra Yousuf’s Cat invites Her To Staring Contest?

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

13th Feb, 2021. 11:09 pm
What Happens When Syra Yousuf's Cat invites Her To Staring Contest?

If you are a cat owner, there’s a fair chance that people will catch your cat sitting on the floor, a bed, a shelve, or even on a dining table staring at you.

People can even think that your cat is plotting your murder. There are actually good reasons why your cat stares at you.

These furry balls have ample of reasons to stare at you, but possibly the most cute one is the staring contest which is a sign of affection.

Today, the most gorgeous Syra Yousuf posted a photo on Instagram and explained, “If a staring contest between you and your cat ends with a long, slow blink, it means ‘I love you.”



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A post shared by Syra Yousuf (@sairoz)

Few months back, two extremely good looking celebrities of Pakistan’s entertainment industry, Syra Yousuf and Sheheryar Munawar, paired up and showed their sizzling chemistry in a recent photoshoot.

The pictures from the shoot have gone viral on social media and received mixed reactions from netizens.

Have a look at the steamy photoshoot.



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