New update: Instagram to rollout New “story draft” feature soon

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

27th Mar, 2021. 11:46 pm

Instagram provides its users the new feature of saving content for stories as draft as it copies this feature from the widely used application Snapchat.

According to the reports, this feature is very useful, if you want to make a story and publish it at a later time like Snapchat you can tap on the “Save” button and your story would be saved as a plain image.

This new feature is easy to use like if you want to publish it later, you will be prompted with a “save draft” button right together with the “discard” and “cancel” buttons that you’re probably already familiar with.

Tapping save draft will store whatever you were doing into a drafts folder, which you can pull up anytime from the stories menu.

This feature is great for those coming up with lengthy content, especially for businesses or someone with a big amount of followers.

The rollout is still not available for everyone and it’s unclear when the company would roll it out at the full.

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