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Former Zimbabwe Skipper accepts corruption charges but denies match fixing

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30th Apr, 2021. 03:21 pm
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Heath Streak

Former Skipper of Zimbabwe Heath Streak on Thursday apologized for the eight year ban imposed on him by the International Cricket Council for corruption charges.

As per the details, Heath Streak was banned earlier this month after admitting five breaches of the ICC’s anti-corruption code.

The charges included revealing inside information which could be used for betting purposes and failing to disclose a payment in Bitcoin from a potential corrupter to anti-corruption officials.

In a recent interview, He stated “I apologize to my family, friends. My fellow Zimba­bweans who have shown me love and support during the numerous trials and tribulations we have faced,”

It was in 2017 which he accepted that he had been receiving Bitcoin and other gifts from and a person but it was to set up a competition in Zimbabwe.

“At the onset I was engaged, and paid Bitcoin, to assist in buying and building teams. Much later on the only other thing I received was a bottle of whisky and my wife was gifted a phone,” he said. “Several months down the line the ICC brought to my attention the fact that the individual with whom I had been dealing, and some of the information that I had shared, may have been used for online betting.”

He further said he was never involve in Match fixing.

“I want to place on record that I was not involved in any match fixing, spot fixing or attempts to influence a game or share information from a change room during a match,” he said. “I hope ackn­o­wledgement of my wrong­doing, wittingly or unwittingly, will set an exam­ple to current and future stakeholders.”

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