Hike in prices of oxygen Cylinders in Karachi

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28th Apr, 2021. 11:50 am
Oxygen cylinder

According to the wholesalers, the price of  Oxygen Cylinders in Karachi has not increased.
In Karachi, the wholesalers of oxygen cylinders refuted the reports that the price of cylinders has increased in previous days. Lucky star market has fixed the rates of re-filling at Rs80-90 per litre.

According to the wholesalers of oxygen cylinders that the brand new 10 litre cylinders’ cost consists of around Rs14,000.

“We have plenty of oxygen in supply. In fact, big companies are working in two shifts instead of three,” says the wholesaler

Some racketeer spreading the rumors in the market to justify the price hike, there wasn’t any pressure on cylinder supplies either. In a statement, manufacturers revealed that they are currently producing their topmost capacity and if the cases of Covid appear rather than usual, then the situation could be like India.

Currently, India is facing a hard time due to the shortage of oxygen cylinders.

Today wholesalers deny in the hike of oxygen prices but on the other hand, some wholesaler confirms the price hike of the oxygen cylinders up to Rs2,000 – 4,000.
For their plants, they demand 24  hours electricity supply.

Most of the domestic production will be diverted to the health sector. The situation depends on the production of oxygen, if plants produce enough oxygen they can fulfill the needs of the health sector.

Asad Umar the Minister of planning, already checked the record, Right now Pakistan is utilizing 90% of its gas production, the country could face the worst situation if the problem couldn’t get under control “We are working to enhance capacity and will import the gas if needed,” said Asad Umar

Situation in Punjab

In Punjab, the ban on hoarding of oxygen and other related items has been pressed. The ban is going to affect and for the two months it will remain the same, says the notification of primary and secondary Health care department.

Sara Aslam the secretary of the primary and secondary Health Care Department took on all responsibilities of helping the government for donating oxygen cylinders and other implements.


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