Ramazan Mein BOL brings special debate contest ‘Star Debater’

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

09th Apr, 2021. 11:35 pm
Ramazan Mein BOL

The effervescent moments of the great magnanimity of the holy month of Ramadan have arrived once again and wherever there are Muslims in the  world, the table of bliss and blessings are arranged everywhere, with fasting, prostrations, supplications to Allah and recitations of the Qur’an.

In the glorious and spiritual month of Ramazan, BOL has launched a special transmission ‘Ramazan Mein BOL’ for its viewers.

Star Debater

On the auspicious occasion of the blessed month, a special debate contest ‘Star Debater’ will be broadcast live at 3:17 am (before Sehr) and at 5:45 pm (before Iftar). Summaiya Rizwan and Mudasser Iqbal will be the judges while Mehwish Anas will host the segment.

Topics from the Qur’an and Sunnah will be discussed in the debate competition.

Ramazan Mein BOL

Special transmission for the audience, ‘Ramazan Mein BOL’ was brought to the fore where gatherings of knowledge and wisdom would be held and every corner of the mind would be illuminated with Islamic knowledge.

Pakistan’s largest Ramadan broadcast ‘Ramazan Mein BOL’ will host a feast of happiness and blessings at Sehr and Iftar with BOL’s own Dr Fiza Akbar and Osama Ghazi.

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