Taji Brothers, Saqib Ali Taji and Asim Ali Taji Deliver a Soul Refreshing Performance

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

14th Apr, 2021. 05:44 pm
Saqib Ali Taji

The Qawwal brothers performed their own rendition of the beautiful na’at Shah e Madina during BOL Entertainment’s Ramazan Transmission.

Taji Brothers on Wednesday produced an exquisite qawwali performance in Ramazan Mein BOL’s first Sehr Transmission segment kicking off what is believed to be the world’s biggest and grandest Ramazan Television Transmission. The soulful performance of the brothers created a soulful ambience that complimented the spiritual aura of Ramazan Mein BOL.

Jalwae hain sare teray hi dam say,
Abad-e Alam tere karam se
(All attractions are due to you, the world progresses due to your efforts)

Baki har ek shai
Nakshey khayali sare Nabi tere dar ke sawali
(All other aspects are imaginary images, all prophets seek answers at your door)

Shah e Madina
Shah e Madina

These words echoed around the sets of BOL Entertainment’s premium Ramazan Transmission, Ramazan Mein BOL. The beautiful lyrics complimented by the soulful voice of both Saqib Ali Taji and Asim Ali Taji created an environment that echoed the sentiments of Muslims around the world as the holy month of Ramazan commenced. Shah e Madina, originally written by Naeem Hashmi, has been adopted and covered by many artists around the world, but seldom was this piece heard in qawwali style.

The Qawwal brothers gave their own touch of Sufism to express the same words in their unique style of performance. Taji Brothers are a relatively new outfit in the Qawwali landscape of Pakistan but have quickly made the headlines with their exquisite performances and a different voice and style that the people are accustomed to. The performance exceeded eight minutes but felt as if it was eight seconds as attending audience and social media listeners applauded the effort.

Here is the video of the performance:

With the start of the holy month of Ramazan, BOL Entertainment’s Ramazan Mein BOL transmission has officially commenced as well. The transmission has been widely popular ever since its inception in 2017 and has introduced numerous segments that has garnered the product worldwide fame. The transmission so far, has lived up to the hype and the beautiful qawwali performance by Taji brothers has showcased what the transmission is about to offer.

BOL Entertainment’s Ramazan Mein BOL transmission will air every day and will consist of Sehr and Iftar Transmission starting at 3:00 AM and 5:30 PM respectively. The transmission would also consist of two game shows with Khush Raho Pakistan in the afternoon, and Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga in the evening.


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