These Tips Will Help You Lose Weight During Ramadan

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

17th Apr, 2021. 09:52 pm
Tips to lose weight during Ramadan

If you are tired of that hanging belly or that extra layer of fat that is just not going. Ramadan is the best time to lose it all.

Below are few tips mentioned for you to get that lean figure you have always wanted.

1) Skip the parathas and switch to overnight oats with strawberries, nuts and chia seeds. This quick and delicious meal will keep full throughout the day.

2) Walk for 30 mins during your fast (an hour before iftar) because, during fasting, your body has low glucose so it would have no other choice but to target and use all the stored fats to replenish all the energy you consumed during your work out.

3) Break your fast with one date, one apple and lots of water. After this small boost of food, give it another 30 minutes to get working.

4) After 30 minutes, have a high carb meal such as a grilled chicken sandwich, daal with brown rice etc.

5) Later at night, have a low carb meal to keep your metabolism working.

These tried tips will put you on the right track but only if you don’t let your inner cravings spoil your targeted goals.

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