CPB takes custody of seven-year-old daughter of a female prisoner

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04th May, 2021. 04:04 pm
Child Protection Bureau

LAHORE: A seven-year-old daughter of a female inmate facing execution in Lahore Central Jail has been taken into custody by the Child Protection Bureau (CPB).

The baby, who has been in the Child Protection Bureau in Lahore for a few weeks, is in a state of shock. She is, however, being looked after and handled.

Sara Ahmed, the CPB’s Chairperson, said that after Eid, she would visit all of Punjab’s jails and look after the children under the age of six who were incarcerated with their mothers.

The child’s mother, Arza Rao alias Toba, a model, is in jail on charges of murdering Abeera (another model), and has been sentenced to death by a sessions court, according to the bureau.

She has spent the last three years in prison with her mother since her conviction. On the recommendation of a prison officer, she was moved to the Lahore Child Protection Bureau.

The bureau’s chairperson said, “Her daughter is very sweet and innocent but she is deeply shocked by the death sentence of her mother.” She further says that when the girl was taken to the bureau, she became enraged and began hitting other girls. “But now she is used to living with the children. Her anger has begun to subside, but she still does not speak much. ”

According to Sarah Ahmed, the little girl is receiving therapy and psychological medication to help her resolve her illness. According to her, the child is permitted to see her mother twice a month due to a court order, and she sends letters to her in prison and gives her gifts.

According to Sarah Ahmed, the prisoner was also writing a diary for her daughter while she was incarcerated. “This little girl can’t read her mother’s diary yet but those writings are so emotional that they make one cry.” Sarah also added, “I would visit all the jails in Punjab after Eid and the bureau would take into custody children above the age of six who are imprisoned there with their mothers.”

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