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Germany: German Police Bust Major Darknet Child Abuse Platform

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

03rd May, 2021. 11:34 pm
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Germany: German Police Bust Major Darknet Child Abuse Platform

German authorities have shut down the world’s largest child pornography platform BOYSTOWN. The development is the result of a lengthy police investigation. Several people have also been arrested.

German police have confirmed that the network of child pornography, the world’s largest illegal trading platform, was shut down in mid-April after a lengthy investigation. The Dark Net platform was called Boys Town. A few suspects were also arrested during the operation.

BOYSTOWN, the world’s largest platform for child pornography, has been active since 2019. It had more than 400,000 users. The only way to access this online platform was through the Dark Net. The scope of the police investigation extended beyond Germany.

The four German nationals detained as a result of the police operation are said to be between the ages of 44 and 64. One of them was arrested in the Latin American country of Paraguay. One of the arrested persons was a very active member of this platform. He shared more than three and a half thousand posts.

The search for the porn platform was the result of months of investigation by a German task force. The task force was also assisted by the European police agency Europol. The investigation involved other countries, such as the Netherlands, Australia, the United States and Canada. The discovery of the platform and the arrest of four people were reported by the German Federal Investigation Police (BKA).

The statement said that BOYSTOWN allowed people involved in the child pornography business to share recordings of child sexual abuse with other members. Boyz Town administrators also informed registered users of the platform of the safest ways to use them to avoid criminal charges.

After interrogation, police launched raids to make arrests. The three were arrested and taken to Frankfurt, where they were interrogated in mid-April. An arrest has been made in the Latin American country of Paraguay and the man will soon be handed over to German police.

German police have arrested a 40-year-old suspect in Paderborn, in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, who is also said to be a Boys Town administrator. Another alleged administrator was detained on the outskirts of the southern German city of Munich. He is 49 years old. So far, police have shut down several chat forms on the child pornography network.

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