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Google Brings “Heads Up” Feature To Remind Not To Use Phone While Walking

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

03rd May, 2021. 01:42 pm
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Google Heads Up feature

Popular search engine Google is back with another amazing feature “Heads Up”, which began to roll out to its Digital Wellbeing Android app.

After a user enables the Heads Up feature, the smartphone will ultimately display an alert that will remind you to keep your head up while walking if you use your phone at the same time.

According to the details, the new feature is being rolled out to Google Pixel devices. The feature will most probably work the same on other devices when it is available.

Here’s how you can turn it on:

1. Open the Settings on your phone.

2. Scroll down until you locate the Digital Wellbeing & parental controls option and then tap it.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the various settings until you locate a new Heads Up option, just above the toggle switch to add an app icon for Digital Wellbeing to your app drawer.

4. Tap on Heads Up and follow the setup prompts.

Furthermore, a user will need permission from Digital Wellbeing to view physical activity so the app can recognize when you’re walking. The app will also allow you to permit the app to view your current location.

With the new feature enabled, you will get an alert whenever you use your smartphone while walking and the app detects the same.

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