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Here Are The 6 Mistakes That Doomed The Titanic

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

28th May, 2021. 12:11 am
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How did the Titanic, made in 1,200 days, sink in just 2 hours? April 10, 1912, was the day when the world’s largest ship was ready to embark on its maiden voyage.


The Atlantic Ocean was very calm that day and there was no chance of a hurricane coming. The plane also had 1,500 passengers on board and millions of people stood at the DOCK to watch the start of the Titanic’s first voyage.

Neither the passengers nor the millions of people bidding farewell, nor did the Titanic crew know that six mistakes had been made in the construction of the soon-to-be-departed ship that led to its worst crash. Are hunting.

Viewers today you will know 6 mistakes of the most expensive, the most luxurious, and the most powerful ship of its time, the Titanic, which if not made, would be famous in the world not because of the Titanic crash but because of its success.

After all, what were these 6 mistakes that even Captain Edward (EDWARD SMITH) of TITANIC, who has 40 years of experience, did not see? Except for the captain’s 40 years of experience, these mistakes were not noticed by TITANIC OPERATE company THE WHITE STAR LINE, which had the experience to operate 107 aircraft.


Construction of the TITANIC began in 1907 and the ship was completed after a period of about 3 years and the labor of 2,000 workers. The confidence of the makers of TITANIC was further enhanced when TITANIC successfully passed its first test run. As soon as it passed the test, it was marketed in various newspapers all over the world, with the headline UNSINKABLE TITANIC.

The ship’s first voyage began in SOUTH HAMPTON, England, on April 10, 1912, and ended in New York City, USA. Titanic’s economy (ECONOMY) portion cost 30 30, while first-class travel cost $150. As a result of this marketing, all of a sudden bookings were made and finally, the day came when Titanic was about to start its first journey.


Here are the six mistakes that led the Titanic to sink into the ocean.

Mistake # 1:

At 12 o’clock in the afternoon, TITANIC started its maiden voyage, and at the same time, TITANIC’s faults began to surface. Captain SMITH had to get to New York as soon as possible due to the instructions given by the owners and pressure.

The captain was instructed that if they hadn’t arrived in New York on time, TITANIC’s REPUTATION would have been severely damaged.

Any car, machine, or ship in the world would have had operating procedures somewhere, including SPEED LIMIT, which is also a part of these PROCEDURES. It was violated at the beginning of the Titanic voyage. Shortly afterward, the ship left the port of Southampton so far behind that nothing but the blue sea could be seen in the distance.

Mistake # 2:

Now 3 days had passed while TITANIC was on its way. Apart from shortstops in France and Ireland, TITANIC had been moving continuously towards New York for the last 72 hours. On the same night, the captain of another ship, a few hours ahead of TITANIC, warned TITANIC over the wireless about ICEBERGS.

EXPERTS believe that the warning was given at least six times, but due to the negligence of the wireless operators, they missed the most important warnings.

Because TITANIC was the first luxury aircraft of its kind and had many VIPs in it, most TITANIC staff were busy serving first-class passengers. If these warnings were taken seriously, the whole scene ahead would have been different.

Mistake # 3:

The speed of the ship was too high and they missed a very important warning. Could have been saved because the ship’s guards were alert, who were READY to give any ICEBERK report to their captain when they saw it from a distance, but they didn’t have a thing to see from a distance and that thing was binoculars.

The guards were alert but could not see ICEBERG from a distance due to a lack of binoculars. And that was TITANIC’s third big mistake, ICEBERG’s news to Captain SMITH when the ship’s guards reported that the size of a FOOTBAL FIELD right in front of the ship was the size of ICEBERG but it was too late now because ICEBERG was so close.

Mistake # 4:

Because in ATLANTIC OCEAN the ship often encounters an ICEBERG which is easily handled by large ships. Perhaps Captain SMITH thought the same thing. At the same time ordered to change the direction of TITANIC, of ​​course, Captain SMITH tried hard to avoid ICEBERG but the distance was so short that it was useless to do anything.

ICEBERG had now collided with the center of TITANIC, But there was still a lot of hope for TITANIC to survive. This hope was left. Maybe the body of the ICEBERG ship was not damaged or the ICEBERK plane crashed on its own.

This shows EXPERTS believe that the REVERTS on the TITANIC body were not made of steel but of CAST IRON. From where the ICEBERK collided with the body of the TITANIC, the REVERTS opened due to pressure, and then what Captain SMITH feared happened.

Mistake # 5:

TITANIC collided with an ICEBERG and now the bottom of the ship was flooded. This dangerous collision alerted the entire crew and passengers as well as those on board. JOSEPH BRUCE, the owner of TITANIC, too, of course, began to fill the Titanic with water, but there was still hope for the survival of the Titanic because the Titanic was designed in such a way that even if its three floors were filled with water, it would not sink.

Unfortunately, the water crossed three floors and the water had now reached the fourth floor now the matter was out of hand TITANIC was slowly sinking in OCEAN Now it was time to save the lives of the passengers on the plane without worrying.

Captain SMITH issued an emergency alert on his radio. It was planned to shift the passengers to lifeboat until someone came to help but But the fifth mistake showed its work. Yes, the plane had space for a total of 32 lifeboats, but due to shortcomings, only 20 boats were kept, there were 1500 passengers and only 20 boats.

Mistake # 6:

There was chaos everywhere and everyone wanted to get on these few guinea pig boats. At 12:45 the first emergency boat landed at sea but there was another sixth mistake here in the world of chaos. It was lowered into the sea without being filled, in which most of the first-class passengers were preferred, ie those who were richer were seated first. If more passengers were seated in the boats, less human lives would be lost.

It was sinking in the sea. At 2:18 a.m., due to the short circuit, all the lights of TITANIC were turned off and the next moment the ship broke up and split into 2 parts, so TITANIC was completely submerged in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

And so 1,500 people drowned in cold water in the Atlantic OCEAN. Let me tell you one more thing that the temperature of the water at that time was minus 2 degrees Celsius, which means that even if the passengers jumped into the cold water, there was no chance of escape because man cannot survive more than 30 minutes in such a low temperature.

The death toll is said to have risen to more than 1,500, as many of the crew acquaintances boarded the plane without tickets, with the largest number of survivors being children and women. Was

On the other side was Captain SMITH who was spending all his time-saving lives and he was the last man to jump off a sinking ship.

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