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Israel should end the barbaric attacks on Palestine: OIC

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

16th May, 2021. 09:45 pm
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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has adopted a resolution urging an immediate end to Israel’s brutal attacks on Palestinians.

On Sunday, the OIC Executive Committee of Foreign Ministers held a virtual open-ended extraordinary conference, hosted by Saudi Arabia.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi represented Pakistan in the meeting.

The resolution demanded that Israel should end the barbaric attacks on Palestine, including disrespecting the holy sites.

It condemned Israel’s continued settlements and colonization of Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, as well as the forced displacement of Palestinians from their homes.

Muslim countries called for the security of Palestinians, medical and first-aid personnel, and allowing them to perform their duties without obstruction.

The resolution emphasized the UN Security Council’s responsibility to act swiftly to end the Israeli occupation’s brutal attacks on the Palestinian people in order to maintain international peace and security.

It reiterated the OIC countries’ commitment to supporting Palestinians’ right to self-determination and a two-state solution leading to the creation of a sovereign State of Palestine with Al-Quds Al-Shareef as its capital.

The resolution called for international legal proceedings to be taken by specialized international courts and various UN bodies to force Israel to pay reparations for harm done to Palestinian assets as well as public and private properties.

“We Must Not Fail Palestinian People At This Critical Juncture”: FM Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has on Sunday voiced support for the Palestinian cause amidst the ongoing Israeli atrocities and airstrikes in Gaza, which has so far killed more than 200 innocent Palestinian Muslims.

During the important Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) meeting, which took place as Al-Quds passes through one of its most difficult phases, FM Qureshi reiterated Pakistan’s full support for Palestine.

The other points raised by the Foreign Minister include:

  1. Indiscriminate use of force by Israeli forces against defenceless Palestinians defies all international law.
  2. The tragedy of forced evictions of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Al-Quds Al-Shareef is the latest manifestation of a systematic Israeli effort to change demographic structure, historical and legal status and Arab-Islamic / Christian character of Al-Quds Al-Shareef.
  3. Creating false equivalence between Israel, the aggressor and Palestinians, the victims, is inexcusable. Attempts to silence media through tyranny, unacceptable.
  4. OIC owes genesis to the Palestinian issue. Muslim Ummah must exhibit strong solidarity for the people of Palestine with action.

In another tweet, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that there comes a time in the history of nations when decisions taken are remembered by posterity and it is important to be on the right side of history.

He also urged the entire Muslim community to not fail Palestinian people at this critical juncture.

It is worth noting that Israel maintained its murderous attacks on Sunday, bringing the death toll of Palestinians in Gaza to 170, with more than 30 children and scores of other women slain in the airstrikes.

A day earlier (Saturday), eleven members of a single extended family were killed in an Israeli air attack on the western Gaza Strip, medics in the Palestinian enclave said.

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