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Know Everything About The World’s Most Expensive House

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th May, 2021. 09:19 pm
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The most expensive house built in the world is neither in the United States nor in Europe, it is in Mumbai, India.

The 27-storey building belongs to business tycoon Mukesh Ambani, better known as Antilia.

The house worth is estimated at around $2billion, but many people believe that the most expensive house in the world is not Antilia but Buckingham Palace because Buckingham Palace is worth$5 billion.

But Buckingham Palace is a crown property while Antilia is a private home. It would not be wrong to say that Antilia is the most expensive private home in the world.

What is in this magnificent house that is called the most expensive house in the world, you will find out really soon.

The house has several rooms with double roofs, which makes the 27-storey building look like 50 or 60 storeys.

There is a luxurious car parking area on the first 6 floors of Antilia. This car parking area has the capacity to park 170 cars.

Some of you may know that Mukesh Ambani is very fond of luxury cars and he has 168 cars.

In addition to this luxurious car parking area, the house also has a car service station where only Ambani family vehicles are serviced. If there is no mode of travel in the car, then the option of the helicopter is always available and that is why there are also three helipads on the roof of Antilia.

The path from the car park leads to a stately lobby with nine elevators, not one or two.

Apart from the Ambani family, if anyone wants to go above these elevators, they only stop on the floor that has access.

Above it is a two-storey center with a swimming pool, gymnasium, juice bar, plants studio and yoga studio. As you go upstairs you will find a spa salon and massage room.

There is also a large, luxurious hall that can be used for a variety of events.

In terms of entertainment, the house also has a cinema where 50 people can sit at a time and watch a movie.

The house also has a number of terraces and balconies where plantations can be seen as well as plantations on the walls of Antilia aimed at keeping the walls of the house and the rooms of the house cool.

Speaking of cooling, listen to the fact that in June-July, the temperature in Mumbai is 40 degrees Celsius, while at the same time the temperature in a part of Antilia is minus 10 degrees.

Yes, this house also has a Winter Wonderland which makes artificial ice with the help of Salomo generators where you can enjoy ice even in the scorching heat.

The magnificent architecture was designed by the Chicago-based firm Perkin & Wells, while the interior was designed by an Australian company, Semix Group.

Surprisingly, the 400,000-square-foot plot is designed for just five people: Mukesh Ambani, his wife Nita Ambani, and their three children.

More surprisingly, a staff of 600, including chefs, cleaners, drivers, security staff, electricians and plumbers, has been hired to serve these five people and take care of this magnificent home.

For the accommodation of these six hundred people, a whole floor is dedicated in Antilia where all the staff lives.

Most of the marble, crystal, and pearl are used in this house.

The world where entertainment and facilities are in one house as well as a temple and statues of many Hindu deities.

Mukesh Ambani is the owner and chairman of Reliance Industries and is considered to be the richest man not only in India but in the whole of Asia.

India, the second-largest country in terms of population, has a large share of exports from Mukesh Ambani, which is indeed a huge achievement and that is why Mukesh Ambani is one of the richest people in the world.

Yes, Mukesh Ambani, who owns $52 million or INR 3900 billion, is ranked 15th in the list of richest people in the world.

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