A mystery of shark’s extinction evolving for millions of years

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

12th Jun, 2021. 05:12 pm
A shark riddle evolving for millions of years, still a mystery

Humans were not involved in the largest shark attack in history. A recent study by earth scientists has discovered a massive shark die-off around 19 million years ago. It happened at a time when there were more than ten times as many sharks wandering the world’s oceans as there are now.

“We almost happened onto this extinction by accident,” said Elizabeth Sibert, a Hutchinson postdoctoral associate at Yale’s Department of Earth. She is the study’s lead author, and it was published in the journal Science.

“What we found, though, was this sudden drop-off in shark abundance around 19 million years ago, and we knew we had to investigate further.”

The fact that no documented climate disaster or ecosystem disruption happened at the time of the sharp reduction in shark populations adds to the mystery.

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