‘Action to be taken against underage drivers’: DPO Mansehra

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

16th Jun, 2021. 10:42 pm

DPO Mansehra in a meeting stated that strict legal action will be taken against juvenile drivers, motorcycles with transformed silencers, vehicles with stained windows, and illicit number plates in the district.

Manshera District Police Officer (DPO) Asif Bahadur (PSP) led a monthly meeting with all DSPs, SHOs, and investigative staff to converse the overall crime situation of the district.

In the instructions issued by Hazara DIG in the meeting, the DPO said that schools, colleges, and universities should be tested and appropriate security instructions should be given to the security personnel from time to time.

He also directed all DSPs and SHOs to arrest the hunted offenders in various cases.

While discussing aerial firing, DPO Mansehra said that it triggered the loss of many lives.

Therefore, all police officers should take timely actions against those who fire in the air at weddings and other festivities. The meeting also talked about the increasing drug abuse among the youngsters.

Whereas DPO took notice of the Police behavioral issues reported, he stated “no police officer or SHO is allowed to humiliate the people or use harsh language”.



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