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Aspirin does not improve survival rate in COVID-19 patients

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

09th Jun, 2021. 08:02 pm
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COVID-19 patients

Aspirin does not increase the chances of survival in strictly ill COVID-19 patients, early results from one of Britain’s biggest trials studying the normally used painkiller and blood diluter showed on Tuesday.

The scientists behind the trial, which is looking into a variety of potential treatments for COVID-19, assessed aspirin’s effects on nearly 15,000 hospitalized patients infected with the novel coronavirus.

Since the drug helps reduce blood clots in other diseases, it was tested in COVID-19 patients who are at a higher risk of clotting issues.

“Although aspirin was associated with a small increase in the likelihood of being discharged alive, this does not seem to be sufficient to justify its widespread use for patients hospitalized with COVID-19,” said Peter Horby, co-chief investigator of the trial.

The trial, run by the University of Oxford, is also looking for several other treatment methods which could prevent the lives of severely ill corona patients and it was the first to show that the widely available steroid dexamethasone, could save lives of people severely ill with COVID-19.

The aspirin study did not show any substantial change to the risk of patients continuing to intrusive mechanical ventilation. For every 1,000 patients that were treated with the medicine, about six more patients experienced a major bleeding event and about six fewer experienced a clotting event, Oxford said.


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