Billie Eilish reveals why celebrities aren’t always able to ‘entertain’ fans

Raba NoorWeb Editor

18th Jun, 2021. 11:11 pm
Billie Eilish

American singer Billie Eilish recently sat down for a conversation and weighed in on all the things celebrities are unable to do for their fans.

The Bad Guy singer got candid during her interview with Rolling Stone and was quoted saying, “It’s sad because I can’t give the fans everything they want. The bigger I’ve gotten, the more I understand why [my favorite celebrities] couldn’t do all the things I wanted them to do. It wouldn’t make sense to people who aren’t in this world.”

The 19 years old further said, “If I said what I was thinking right now, [the fans] would feel the same way I did when I was 11. They’d be like, ‘It would be so easy. You could just do it.’ No. It’s crazy the amount of things you don’t think about before it’s right in front of you.”

However, songwriting is the only medium, under which she makes sure to stay authentic. “I went through some crazy [expletive], and it really affected me and made me not want to go near anyone ever.”

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