Demi Lovato defies all gender stereotypes as she chops her hair off

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

17th Jun, 2021. 01:33 pm
Demi Lovato

Recently, an American singer Demi Lovato announced that she is nonbinary and will use the pronouns they/them in the future.

In a statement about coming to grips with her sexuality, the singer stated that she seeks to reject all patriarchal gender conventions by cutting her hair short.

Lovato told Jane Fonda during an episode of their 4D with Demi Lovato podcast, “I think it came in two tiers for me. I think the first tier was going to a friend’s poetry slam show that I identified so profoundly with, because they were talking about not conforming to genders and identifying not as male or female.”

“And when I heard their take on that, I identified with it so much that I thought to myself: ‘Oh, there’s something here. There’s something that I’ve never known about my entire life but it’s clicking now. And I need to research this, I need to do more work, I need to sit with it,'” said the 28-year-old.

“So I did. I sat with it for over a year,” Lovato went on to say, “The reasoning behind me cutting my hair off was because I was shedding all of the gender norms that have been placed on me growing up female in this world.

“I just always found that men were at the root of pushing their agendas on me to be a sexy pop star, to whatever would make other people the most money. And I had to break that mold because I had to find the freedom for myself in order to survive, to live,” they concluded.

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