Electronic Voting is the only solution to end election conflicts, PM Imran Khan

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

30th Jun, 2021. 07:17 pm
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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday delivered a detailed address to the National Assembly, stressing on making elections controversy-free with Electronic Voting and inviting the Opposition to work with the government on improvements that will help achieve that aim.

PM addresses the national assembly after the government effortlessly passed Finance Bill 2021-22.

Imran Khan said “After 1970, all elections have been controversial,” further adding that the recent Senate elections were made controversial as well.

PM Imran Khan said the government had been contemplating ways to make the elections acceptable to all the parties, and reminded the Opposition that election restructurings would advantage democracy.

“The time has come to make the country’s elections acceptable to everyone,” he said, further adding that in US when former president Trump casted accusations on the elections, their people with their media demanded proof.

“We did the same in 2013. We had asked the then government to hold recounting in four constituencies, and in all four, the rigging was proved”.

“After trying our best […] we came to the conclusion that EVMs (electronic voting machines) are the only solution,” he said.

“When we had begun our struggle 22 years back, we had one aim in mind: to build an Islamic welfare state — the objective of our founding fathers.” Stated PM while praising Minister of Finance Shaukat Tarin.

PM Imran Khan claimed that the budget 2021 replicated the PTI’s three core principles of justice, humanity, and self-sufficiency and applauded his financial team for sanctioning the budget that embodies all three principles.

Here is the Full speech of Prime Minister Imran Khan:

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